Aprilia SR GT 200 equipped with the latest i-get engine from 4,771 usd

Aprilia SR GT 200

 Aprilia (Piaggio Group Japan) will release the urban adventure scooter Aprilia SR GT 200 on February 18th, where you can enjoy small adventures in your daily life. The price is 4,771 usd for the standard graphic model and 4,866 usd for the SPORT graphic model. Vehicles will be delivered sequentially from around June.

 SR GT 200, Aprilia’s first urban adventure scooter. Designed to be an ideal partner in all situations, with equipment inspired by the world of enduro bikes, pursuing the enjoyment of riding long distances and suburban roads as well as everyday riding in the city. It is said that it is.

Aprilia SR GT 200
(Aprilia Black (Standard))Aprilia SR GT 200

 In addition, the compact Aprilia SR GT 200 scooter is characterized by a top-level minimum ground clearance of 175 mm, which realizes high running performance that easily overcomes unevenness on the road surface. With this feature and adventure tires with a trail-type tread pattern, you can leave the asphalt and boldly drive the dirt road, not to mention in the city with many obstacles such as cobblestones, tram tracks, manholes, dents on the road, and uneven asphalt.

It also supports exciting trips like running on a tire. In addition, the 9L fuel tank allows long-distance travel, and the approximately 25L under-seat storage space can store luggage. In addition, accessories such as a 33L high-capacity aluminum top case can be added.

Aprilia SR GT 200
Aprilia SR GT 200 (Street gray (standard))

 And, by fusing these elements with the sports design unique to Aprilia, the latest i-get engine equipped with a start & stop system, full LED light, LCD instrument, Aprilia MIA communication system (option), etc. It is said to have achieved class-leading performance.

 The standard graphic model has 3 colors of “Aprilia Black”, “Street Gray” and “Infinity Blue”, and the SPORT graphic model has 3 colors of “Red Raceway”, “Iridium Gray” and “Street Gold” with red paint. The wheels are combined with lace details such as red stitching on the black and gray two-tone seats, the “aprilia” logo on the side of the footboard panel, and the large aprilia “a” on both sides of the cowling. Will be distributed.

Aprilia SR GT 200
Infinity Blue (Standard)

 The compact side view with less overhang emphasizes sportiness with dynamic lines, while the center tunnel connecting the front and rear is equipped with a fuel tank to achieve a motorcycle-like look. Furthermore, by attaching the license plate to the rear wheel side instead of the body, the tail part is finished more aggressively.

 Focusing on the enjoyment of driving, Aprilia SR GT 200 features a more active riding position compared to conventional compact GT scooters. The ergonomically designed footboard allows you to take a forward position where your feet are more forward than normal, allowing for a relaxed riding style that is less tiring even over long distances.

Aprilia SR GT 200
Aprilia SR GT 200 (Iridium Gray (SPORT))

 In addition to all vehicle data, various information is displayed on the large liquid crystal display, and various settings can be selected with the “MODE” button on the control switch box on the left. In addition, by adding the optional Aprilia MIA communication system, the smartphone and vehicle can be connected via Bluetooth, and it will be possible to display incoming calls and messages on the display.

 The Aprilia SR GT 200 uses a double cradle frame made of high-strength steel pipe, combined with a specially developed long travel suspension, and a Showa front fork with a 33 mm diameter inner tube and a 122 mm stroke on the front. The rear suspension is equipped with a double-action Showa twin shock absorber with a stroke of 102 mm equipped with a coil spring and a preload that can be adjusted in 5 steps.

Aprilia SR GT 200
Red Raceway (SPORT)

 The engine installed is a new 174cc single cylinder with a maximum output of 13kW (17.4HP) at 8500rpm and a maximum torque of 16.5Nm at 7000rpm. Achieves tenacity, excellent pickup performance, and a smooth ride under all circumstances. In addition, Aprilia SR GT 200 is equipped with a start & stop system called RISS (Regulator Inverter Start & Stop System). By eliminating the conventional engine starter and adopting a “brushless motor” that is directly attached to the crankshaft, there are many benefits such as quietness at restart, weight reduction and reliability, and low fuel consumption.

Aprilia SR GT 200 main specifications

  • Engine: 4-stroke water-cooled single-cylinder SOHC 4-valve
  • Total exhaust volume: 174 cc
  • Maximum output: 13kW (17.4HP) / 8500rpm
  • Maximum torque: 16.6Nm / 7000rpm
  • Transmission: Automatic (CVT)
  • Suspension ( Front): Φ33mm Hydraulic Telescopic Fork
  • Suspension (Rear): Spring Preload Adjustable Hydraulic Twin Shock
  • Brake (Front): Hydraulic Φ260mm Wave Disc Brake, Brake with ABS
  • (Rear): Hydraulic Φ220mm Wave Disc Brake
  • Tire (Front): 110 / 80-14
  • Tire (rear): 130 / 70-13
  • Body size: 1920 x 765 x 1295mm (total length x total width x total height)
  • Minimum ground height: 170mm
  • Seat height: 799mm
  • Wheel base:
  • 1350mm Vehicle weight: 148Kg
  • Fuel tank capacity: 9L