New Newmar Ventana 2022, a Home Unit with Wheels


The North American firm Newmar has just presented its new range of super-luxury motorhomes for 2022. The Newmar Ventana series offers eleven configurations between 10.36 and 13.10 meters, with three-axle frames, Cummins engines up to 400 HP and adaptive steering Comfort Drive. Each of these motorhomes offers luxury equipment and many customization possibilities to suit each client.

The North American firm Newmar returns to the fray in 2022 with a new range of authentic luxury motorhomes: Newmar Ventana . This series has a three-axle chassis, is powered by Cummins engines up to 400 hp and incorporates the adaptive Comfort Drive steering as standard , as well as all kinds of driving aids for handling these caravaning monsters.

The first thing that surprises in the Newmar Ventana is the large number of configurations available. Depending on our needs and budget, we can choose between a total of eleven versions , each with different interior layouts and equipment.

Two types of racks

The key to these models is the length of the chassis used. For this reason, the Newmar Ventana range has two types of three-axis frames on which the different bodies are placed.

In the catalog, customers have motorhomes between 10.36 and 13.10 meters in length and, in addition, the different models have three different exterior color combinations that allow multiple customizations.

The interior design is also highly customizable, with the possibility of choosing three types of upholstery and four types of wood finishes for the furniture . The different options combine perfectly with the metallic finishes that Newmar incorporates in the kitchen area and in other elements of the furniture.

The interior, a luxurious space

The first thing we observe when entering a Newmar Ventana is the quality of materials and finishes . When climbing the first steps we perceive the comfort and functionality of all the elements, undoubtedly designed to offer users the maximum level of comfort.


The arrangement of the furniture varies depending on the model, but elements such as the sofa (in the most spacious models we can find even two) and the dining table, comfortably accommodate users, increasing the space for visits thanks to the driver’s seats and revolving passenger.

The living area shares space with the kitchen , where we find a fridge with freezer, microwave (all appliances are finished in stainless steel), propane gas hob with three burners and ample storage space, including a specific pantry space.


On the other hand, Newmar offers various options to improve the qualities of our kitchen , being able to replace the hobs with an induction hob and even incorporate a dishwasher.

As for the bathrooms, depending on the model, we have one or two . In the short models, the independent full bathroom is located next to the kitchen, having a sink, shower and toilet in the same space, and in the long chassis models the shower is transferred to the bathroom located in the master bedroom and next to the kitchen. we have a toilet room .


The double room is a constant that is repeated in all models, with beds of different sizes depending on the length of the chassis. All models have a large amount of storage, there is even space in the largest for a wardrobe.

Regarding entertainment, Newmar has thought of everything you need. A large LED television in the living room and another television in the master bedroom. To improve the sound experience Newmar incorporates a high quality Bose audio equipment.


The price of the Newmar Ventana is around 3,53,275.12 usd in its basic version of 10.36 meters , to which we must add all the extras that we want to incorporate, so its price will increase a lot as we select higher elements or configurations.


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