New Toyota Sienta 2023 Minivan 7-Seater Revealed


On August 23, 2022, Toyota announced and released the new 3rd generation Toyota Sienta 2023 minivan. The Sienta launched its first model in 2003 as a compact minivan for families. Although sales were suspended in 2010, it was revived in 2011 in response to user feedback. The new Toyota sienta 2023 minivan price details are given below.

 The second-generation model, which appeared in 2015, is supported as a model that supports a wide range of users, such as an environmentally friendly hybrid car and a two-row seat car for active users. Regarding the new Sienta, it is said that it has been pursuing “what is required of Sienta” by carefully picking up the diversifying needs of users.

 With a body size of 4260mm in length, 1695mm in width, 1695mm-1715mm in height, and a wheelbase of 2750mm, the minimum turning radius has been reduced from 5.2m to 5m. increase. The main features of the new Sienta are “a familiar and affectionate design,” “a wider second-row space,” “enhanced comfort and safety equipment,” and “further maneuverability,” under the theme of “EASY COZY ROOM.”

 The exterior of the Toyota sienta 2023 minivan uses iconic LED headlamps and LED rear combination lamps to express the functional beauty of a familiar and affectionate lifestyle tool. Furthermore, in order to create a design that makes the interior look spacious without making the body look bulky, the vertically widened windows express good visibility and a clear view, while the corners of the bumper and roof are rounded to give a visually compact appearance. Kakumaru Silhouette” realizes good handling.

 In the interior of the Toyota sienta minivan, door pockets, meters, and shift gears are unified into a “Shikakumaru Silhouette” form to express the iconic functional beauty and tool feeling that you will love. As a package, the body size is kept as it is, and the second-row space is expanded. Specifically, in addition to increasing the head clearance by 25 mm compared to the previous generation, the distance from the front seats was increased by 1000 mm (+80 mm compared to the previous generation), making it possible to flatten the front seats, making it possible to take a break or sleep in the car. I can afford it.

 In addition, the Toyota sienta 2023 minivan 2-row seat model has evolved the tilt-down storage of the rear seats, and the floor of the luggage compartment has been lowered by about 60 mm to create a flatter space, and the load capacity makes it easy to sleep in the car and a 27-inch bicycle.

 In terms of safety and driving support functions, in addition to installing the latest “Toyota Safety Sense”, which began to be used in the new “Noah / Voxy”, a drive recorder (front only / front and rear) was adopted.

toyota sienta 2023 minivan price
2023 Toyota sienta

 The powertrain of the new Sienta is a 1.5-liter gasoline vehicle (2WD only) and a hybrid vehicle (2WD/E-Four). Catalog fuel efficiency ranges from 18.3km/L for gasoline vehicles to 28.8km/L for hybrid vehicles. By adopting the TNGA platform to achieve a comfortable ride, quietness and body rigidity have been greatly improved. In addition, the front and rear suspension pursued a comfortable ride both in urban areas and on highways.

 A person in charge of the development of the new Sienta commented, “The new Sienta is a car that is like a space where friends and family can relax easily, casually, and easily.’ I believe that the ‘new kindness’ added to these new Sienta will bring happiness to many customers.”

 The price of the new Sienta ranges from 1.95 million yen for the gasoline vehicle (X grade/2WD/5-seater) to 3.108 million yen for the hybrid vehicle (Z-grade/E-Four/7-seater).

Toyota sienta 2023 minivan price
2023 Toyota sienta