New Citroën C3 unveiled as Small Compact SUV


Citroen has released the new Citroen C3. The model has completely changed from being a compact hatchback to serving as a subcompact SUV . It arrives in Brazil in the first quarter of 2022 and will be produced at the Porto Real (RJ) plant.

The model was developed on top of a more basic version of the CMP platform, which is PSA Peugeot-Citroen’s modular platform for compact cars, focusing on markets in Latin America and India, where it will be produced, inclusive.

Citroen c3
Citroën c3

It is the first of three models that will emerge in this version of the CMP platform for these markets. The development program was named C Cubed, which should put products with a lot of style, but at a competitive cost, according to the French brand.

At 3.98 meters long, the new Citroen C3 has remained under 4 meters to meet the lower tax requirements in the Indian market.

The wheelbase is 2.54 m and according to the brand, it will have 653 mm of legroom for those behind, 1,418 mm of shoulder room and 991 mm of headroom. The trunk space will be 315 liters.

Exterior Of Citroën C3

In terms of design, it brings Citroen is new visual language, which includes the X-shaped headlamps at the front, forming the design with the double chevron, which is the brand’s symbol.

Citroen c3
citroen c3

It has 180 mm ground clearance, a short overhang, which puts the wheels close to the ends of the car, improving platform use and vehicle interior space.

Like every SUV-style car, it bets on wheel boxes with a black frame that enhances the proportions and in terms of design evokes the air of an adventurous car.

Interior Of Citroen C3

Inside, the new Citroen C3 will have the same style that we already see in other cars, like the C4 Cactus. It will have a 10″ multimedia center with a touch screen and integration with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as well as screen mirroring.

The car will also have a space designed in the center console to house the smartphone , three USB ports – two for the rear seat and a 12V port for charging.

Citroen c3
Citroen c3

Citroen has confirmed 13 color combinations for Latin America. The new C3 can come with a white or black roof here, while the body can be white, black, blue or in two shades of gray or in a single color. Indians will have the possibility of an orange roof, as in the images.

Engine Details

In terms of engine is still a suspense for Brazil: The company has not released these details for now, but it should maintain, for now, the 1.6 flex of up to 118 in the entry versions. In India, it should have the 1.2 turbo that never came to Brazil due to cost reasons.

Citroen c3
Citroen c3

The expectation is that it has already been calibrated with the 1.0 turbo flex from Stellantis, which will debut on the Fiat Pulse, and would give a more modern engine option so as not to suffer as much criticism as the Peugeot 208 did at its launch.



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