The New Acura ZDX 2024 EV Type S

acura zdx 2024 type s

Acura’s inaugural electric vehicle offering comes in the form of the mid-size crossover Acura ZDX 2024. This innovative car was collaboratively developed alongside General Motors. Upon initial observation, the fresh design showcases slender LED headlights featuring incorporated daytime running lights, a durable plastic body kit, a textured hood, and sleek roof rails.

The upcoming model will also feature a high-performance Type S variant, integrated compatibility with Google services, and an advanced Bang & Olufsen sound system. These features will subsequently be integrated into other Acura models. In terms of appearance, the Acura ZDX 2024 will draw inspiration from the design of the Precision EV concept introduced last year. Underneath, the new Acura ZDX 2024 will be constructed on a General Motors platform equipped with an Ultium battery. However, Acura has plans to transition its future electric vehicles to its proprietary e: Architecture platform.

acura zdx 2024 type s
Acura ZDX 2024

Specific technical information has not been disclosed at this time. Comprehensive specifications will be unveiled during the premiere scheduled as part of the Monterey Car Week in California. The inaugural all-electric production vehicle from Acura is set to be available for purchase in the early months of 2024.

Acura has selected Monterey Car Week as the stage to reveal its inaugural electric vehicle, the Acura ZDX 2024 utility crossover. Notably, this vehicle signifies the progression of the Precision concept introduced at the same venue the previous year. Concurrently, the Japanese automaker used this opportunity to showcase the Type S variant, an enhancement over the standard A-Spec model, delivering increased power and performance-focused elements. It’s worth noting that Acura collaborated with General Motors’ Ultium platform to craft this innovative electric vehicle.

Powertrain Details

Under the hood, the Acura ZDX comes outfitted with a pair of electric motors – one situated at the front and another at the rear. Together, they generate an impressive peak output of 500 horsepower, which is efficiently channeled to all four wheels. This formidable power will be exclusive to the Type S iteration, while the horsepower rating for the A-Spec model remains undisclosed but is expected to be notably more modest. Both electric motors are seamlessly linked to a 102 kWh lithium-ion battery, forming the core of the vehicle’s powertrain.

acura zdx 2024 type s
Acura ZDX 2024

Regarding its driving range, drivers can anticipate covering approximately 500 kilometers on a single charge with the ZDX (estimated). Additionally, the brand proudly presents a charging capability of up to 190 kW when connected to a level 3 terminal under optimal conditions. This robust charging rate would enable the ZDX to regain around 120 kilometers of range within a mere 10-minute span.

Interior Of Acura ZDX 2024

Following the prevalent industry trend, the interior of the Acura ZDX 2024 embraces the dual-screen arrangement comprising an 11-inch instrument cluster and an 11.2-inch infotainment system. The latter provides an extensive array of functionalities and attributes, encompassing wireless integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto software suites.

Utilizing Google Maps, the navigation system can be showcased on either display, presenting intricate routes that incorporate necessary charging pit stops. Furthermore, when the destination aligns with a fast charging station, the system will initiate battery preconditioning.

For enthusiasts of high-quality sound, the ZDX offers a treat with its Bang & Olufsen 3D audio system, complete with the Beosonic function and Acoustic Lens technology. These features empower both drivers and passengers to tailor the auditory journey within the cabin to their preferences.

Beyond its heightened power output, the Type S iteration will elevate the driving experience to a more thrilling level. Outfitted with an adaptable air suspension, finely tuned shock absorbers for enhanced maneuverability, and a collection of 15.6-inch brake discs grasped by 6-piston Brembo calipers, the ZDX Type S is poised to deliver a sportier performance compared to the A-Spec model. This follows the trend set by other Type S versions within the lineup.

Acura ZDX 2024 Price

Regarding Canadian pricing, the Acura ZDX 2024 A-Spec is set to commence at a base price exceeding $80,000. On the other hand, the Acura ZDX 2024 Type S is anticipated to surpass the $90,000 threshold. Precise pricing details and release dates will be disclosed at a subsequent time.