New Hyundai Santa Fe 2024: 5th Gen SUV

hyundai santa fe 2024

Hyundai SANTA FE 2024, the 5th generation 3-row SUV with big changes with a completely different look and design Preparing for the official launch.

For All New Hyundai SANTA FE 2024, this new model will be the 5th generation. including appearance which will come with a new design language that combines strength with cutting-edge It fits perfectly, with Hyundai revealing that this car will be a family car for the new generation. who like outdoor living.

in design There will be a design of the body that comes in the shape of a box that looks rugged. Reminiscent of the design of Land Rovers.

hyundai santa fe 2024

Hyundai SANTA FE 2024 Exterior

The design will include details of the letter H, which represents the name of the brand. Originally from the H-shaped headlights, it comes with a black front grille. Wrapped with an LED light bar, when looking at it as a whole, it will be an H shape.

In addition, the front bumper has a large H-letter design, and the LED taillights also have an H-shaped pattern.

hyundai santa fe 2024

while the side of the car comes with sharp lines with a design that emphasizes strength The wheel arches are bulging into a square shape. It comes with 21-inch alloy wheels wrapped in 245/45 R21 tires.

Interior Details

For the interior is designed to be exquisite. Comes with a spacious interior The seat is a 3-row 7-seat type. In addition, in the seat section. And the roof is padded and covered in bright shades, giving the interior a spacious feel. decorated with good quality materials such as wood grain materials the soft padded materials give the cabin a more luxurious feel.

The dashboard is equipped with a 12.3-inch curved screen that integrates the instrument panel. and the infotainment screen on the same screen Supports both wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity and over-the-air software updates. Comes with a USB-C port and a wireless smartphone charger that comes with up to 2 ports.

The manufacturer also revealed that the new Hyundai SANTA FE 2024 will come with a long wheelbase. and a very spacious rear door to support a wide range of applications But the manufacturer has not disclosed the size of the capacity. It also comes with a feature to fold the 2nd row and 3rd-row seats to be flat. to provide more spacious interior space than in the same class.

Powertrain Details

Unfortunately, Hyundai SANTA FE 2024 has yet to reveal the details of the power unit, but from the 2.5T badge placed on the back of the car. Presumably, the new SUV will be powered by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder turbo engine producing 277 horsepower and 422 Nm of torque straight from the current Santa Fe. Choose a hybrid powertrain. and plug-in hybrid as well.

hyundai santa fe 2024