All New BYD Song L 2024 Sports SUV

BYD song l

The upcoming BYD Song L 2024 electric sports SUV, touted as the epitome of beauty in BYD’s lineup, is set to make its debut in China during the last quarter of 2023.

Following the introduction of the electric SUV concept, BYD Song L, in April, official images of the forthcoming BYD Song L 2024 electric SUV have now been revealed on BYD’s website. This marks the transition from a concept to a production vehicle. Interested buyers will have the opportunity to purchase it ahead of its official unveiling, scheduled for the Chengdu Auto Show 2023 in China, set to occur at the close of August.

Comprehensive information about the BYD Song L 2024’s features is yet to be disclosed. However, it has been disclosed that preparations are underway for its official launch. The vehicle is slated to be available for purchase in the fourth quarter of this year, commencing at an approximate price of $29,000. It will directly rival models such as the Tesla Model Y, Leap C11, and Huawei AITO M5.

BYD song l 2024

BYD Song L 2024 Exterior

Based on initial details revealed by BYD, the upcoming BYD Song L 2024 is poised to be an electric sports SUV. As a part of BYD’s prestigious “Royal Family” car series, which draws inspiration from Chinese dynasties like Han, Tang, Qin, Song, and Yuan, this model showcases a dynamic exterior design that flows seamlessly from the front to the rear. Esteemed as BYD’s most aesthetically crafted electric SUV, it promises a sporty and captivating appearance.

Built upon the foundation of the e-platform 3.0, its dimensions span 4,840 mm in length, 1,950 mm in width, 1,560 mm in height, and a substantial wheelbase of 2,930 mm. In a comparison with the Tesla Model Y, the Song L stands as the larger and more elongated contender across nearly every dimension.

BYD song l 2024

Presenting the BYD Dragon Face design, reminiscent of the futuristic aesthetics seen in the BYD HAN EV, the vehicle features sleek contours and bold headlights. The modern electric car aesthetic is enhanced by the enclosed front grille, while the lower section of the front bumper showcases trapezoidal cooling apertures. Notably, the emblematic character is elegantly embedded within the strip beneath the hood, adding a distinctive touch.

The car’s profile showcases a dynamic demeanor, featuring assertive styling. The area behind the front wheel arch incorporates a cooling passage, complemented by two-tone alloy wheels adorned with an intricately brushed pattern resembling a 5-pointed star. The seamless door handles harmoniously meld with the vehicle’s contours. Adding dimension, the A-B pillars sport black stripes, while the rear adopts a suspended design, enhancing the visual breadth and magnifying its presence. Noteworthy, the windshield presents a frameless hardtop configuration.

The rear section will feature a sleek Fastback design, characterized by its gently sloping rear end. Enhancing the aerodynamic look, a roof spoiler with dual ribs graces the top. A striking set of LED taillights spans the entire width, creating a visually expansive effect.

Furthermore, the trunk lid doubles as a spoiler, operable via an electric system for seamless movement. Positioned at the center is the emblem “BYD,” replacing the full phrase “Build Your Dreams.” This culminates in a sizable black diffuser, primed to optimize airflow and promptly release air from beneath the car’s undercarriage.

Interior Details

Regrettably, interior specifics of the Yosan chamber remain undisclosed, encompassing the realm of mobile power. Nevertheless, Chinese news agencies have uncovered that the BYD Song L 2024 is poised to be an electric sports SUV. Anticipated to feature the Cell-to-Body (CTB) battery technology akin to the Denza N7, it’s set to incorporate BYD’s Cloud Chariot system for vehicle management. This, coupled with a four-wheel-drive system, is expected to be part of its offerings.

The commercial variant of the BYD Song L is set for its grand reveal during the Chengdu Auto Show at the end of August, taking place in China. Anticipated to hit the market in the final quarter of this year, BYD has positioned this car as a direct rival to the Tesla Model Y, Leap C11, and Huawei AITO M5. This model is poised to become another addition to the lineup that carries the potential to thrive in our local market.

BYD song l

The commercial iteration of the BYD Song L is scheduled for its official debut during the Chengdu Auto Show, slated for late August in China. The vehicle is projected to become available for purchase in the fourth quarter of this year. Positioned as a head-to-head rival against notable contenders such as the Tesla Model Y, Leap C11, and Huawei AITO M5, BYD has strategically placed this car in the market. This model is anticipated to join the ranks of successful offerings and potentially contribute to the brand’s future success in our domestic market.