2022 Nissan X-Trail – Hi-tech crossover


At the Shanghai Motor Show, Nissan unveiled the new, fourth-generation Nissan X-Trail mid-size crossover (code T33). In terms of body and interior, it repeats the Nissan Rogue T33 for North America, which is shown in June 2020 .

Nissan xtrail

The car is built on the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi CMF-C platform, which is also use in the latest Qashqai .

The length, width and height of the new X-Trail are 4681, 1840 and 1730 mm, respectively. That is, it is slightly larger than the outgoing T32 crossover. But the wheelbase is the same – 2706 mm, the ground clearance is 212 mm.


In the cabin, there is a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a media system screen of the same size.

The base equipment of the new X-Trail / Rogue includes the ProPilot partial autopilot system. Capable of controlling acceleration, braking and heading both in the city and on suburban roads.

An additional function has been sewn into the system – when the autopilot is activated. The car obeys the speed limits in anticipation, relying on the data of the navigator.

If the American Rogue is content with the time-tested 2.5-liter atmospheric engine. The X-Trail has acquired a 1.5-liter turbo-engine with a dynamic compression ratio system (from 8: 1 to 14: 1). The engine power is 204 hp, and the torque is 300 Nm. It works with a variator, front or full drive to choose from.

The company also announced a hybrid version of E-Power, which will be driven by an electric motor. The internal combustion engine in this case will act as a generator to charge the battery. But its characteristics have not yet been published

Passengers in the rear of the Nissan X-Trail (2022) can look forward to heated seats and a third climate zone. A stylish new selector lever for the automatic transmission stands out on the center tunnel. Which, like a rotary wheel for the driving modes, blends harmoniously into the fresh interior design. 

Nissan xtrail

The climate control is still carryout separately. Passengers in the rear of the Nissan X-Trail (2022) can look forward to heated seats and a third climate zone.



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