Yamaha discontinues production of “FJR1300” for domestic use Special specification 20th anniversary model “20th Anniversary Edition” released


Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announced on December 20 that it will end domestic production of the sports tourers “FJR1300AS” and “FJR1300A” with the current model. The 20th Anniversary Edition will be set as the final model and will be released on February 10, 2022. The price is 17,461.03 usd for the ” ‘AS‘ 20th Anniversary Edition” and 14,550.86 usd for the ” ‘A‘ 20th Anniversary Edition”. The regular model “AS” costs 16,489.43 usd, and the “A” costs 13,580.80 usd.

‘AS’ Model

Structure of FJR1300

This Model debuted in Europe in 2001, is a model that created the category of “sports tourer” with silky and torqueful engine characteristics, long-distance high-speed cruising performance, high comfort and agile maneuverability.

 In the 20th Anniversary Edition, the body color is black metallic X, the 20th anniversary emblem of gold on the top of the tank, the gold “FJR” logo, the front and rear wheels of gold, the exclusive seat with exclusive stitching & embossing, the fuel lid and lever, Black component color is used for the footrest.


 The “AS” is a high-end model based on the standard model “A”, which uses YCC-S (Yamaha electronically controlled shift), electric adjustment suspension, cornering lamp (LED), etc. that can change shifts without clutch operation.



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