Toyota unveils New GR86 Cup Car Basic, specifically for racing

Toyota GR86 Cup Car Basic

     Toyota Japan has begun selling the Toyota GR86 Cup Car Basic, specially developed by Toyota Gazoo Racing, for the GR86/BRZ Cup 2022 in Japan.

     The Toyota GR86 Cup Car Basic is not intended for general road use. but if it was specially developed for participating in smooth races in particular because in addition to installing 16-inch black wheels for changing to wheels that are suitable for competition It also comes with a six-point Roll Cage with a diameter of 40 mm larger than the standard “Speed ​​B” and “Speed ​​BA” set by the Japan Automobile Federation or JAF, which states that Must have a diameter of 35 mm or more.

Toyota GR86 Cup Car Basic
Toyota GR86 Cup Car Basic

Features of Toyota GR86 Cup Car Basic

     Toyota also stated that even if the roll bar was installed but can still accommodate 4 passengers as usual There is also a set of floor mats specially designed for installing the roll bar. In addition, an oil cooler to reduce the heat of the engine oil is also installed from the factory. This helps to maintain a constant engine temperature even after long periods of high rpm.

Toyota GR86 Cup Car Basic
Toyota GR86 Cup Car Basic

     The installed equipment is at the standard level. Whether it’s Bi-Beam LED headlights, LED taillights, urethane steering wheel and gear knob, pull lever brakes, TRACK driving mode, 7-inch LCD driving information display, Intelligent key system with engine start button, cloth upholstery,​ Automatic air conditioning system, 2 USB charging ports (without audio), VSC stability control, dual front airbags and driver knee airbags, etc.

     The power of the GR86 Cup Car Basic is a 2.4-liter Boxer 4-cylinder engine that delivers a maximum power of 235 horsepower at 7,000 rpm, a maximum torque of 250 Newton – meters at 3,700 rpm, sending power to the rear wheels as well. 6 speed manual transmission.

     The selling price of the Toyota GR86 Cup Car Basic is 3,334,000 yen, or about 29,000 usd, compared to the regular model, which starts at 2,799,000 yen or 24,381 usd (RC 6MT model).



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