Triumph unveils the Tiger 1200 Versions

Tiger 1200

Here comes the new Triumph Tiger 1200 and it is not a single model but a real family, all new. There had already been several previews, now the Hinckley House has officially presented its adventure bike.
Triumph unveils the Tiger 1200: five models between road and rally

There are two product lines: the more road series has 19 “front and 18” rear alloy wheels, and is available in the Tiger 1200 GT (ie the base), Tiger 1200 GT Pro (more refined) and Tiger 1200 Explorer versions. (with the tank of 30 liters instead of 20); the off-road series, on the other hand, has spoked wheels, 21 ”at the front and 18” at the rear, and is made up of the Tiger 1200 Rally Pro with the 20-liter tank, and the Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer with the 30-liter tank.

A revolution of Tiger 1200

Compared to the past it is a revolution, they weigh 25 kg less than the model they replace and are completely new starting from the engine. The new 1160 cm³ three-cylinder with double overhead camshaft distribution is credited with a power of 150 HP at 9000 rpm, that is 9 more than the previous generation, and a torque of 130 Nm at 7000 rpm , i.e. 8Nm more than before; above all, however, exceptional qualities of tractability and quick response at low revs are promised, greater acceleration and more full-bodied delivery from medium revs up to the maximum. It is characterized by the crankshaft called “T” like the one already adopted on the Tiger 900:

Everything is new, including the bore and stroke measurements (90 x 67 mm), the crankshaft, the cylinder heads, the wet clutch, the 6-speed gearbox and the final shaft drive.

The tubular frame is also brand new, 5.4 kg lighter than its predecessor and equipped with an equally new tri-link swingarm. The whole family mounts the semi-active Showa suspension, those of the rally versions with greater travel to adapt to the needs of off-road vehicles: in front of a 49 mm diameter upside-down fork and behind a shock absorber with automatic electronic preload adjustment.

Top electronics

The new Triumph Tiger 1200 have a six-axis inertial platform that oversees all electronic controls, including Cornering Traction Control, cornering ABS and up to 6 riding modes – depending on the model -, they also have a 7 “TFT dashboard with the system connectivity that allows phone calls, navigator and Go-Pro control, but the flagship is the Blind Spot Radar System developed in collaboration with Continental: it warns the driver when a vehicle is approaching from a blind spot, or when another vehicle from behind if the driver is about to change lanes (available on GT Explorer and Rally Explorer).

There are the full LED headlight, the Daytime Running Light and on all models except the 1200 GT the Adaptive Cornering Lights, the assisted gearbox, are also standard. the device that facilitates the uphill restart and the hand grip warmers; on the Explorer also the seat heating and tire pressure control.

The muscular yet sleek silhouette of the new Tiger 1200 is also unprecedented, characterized by clean lines and a lighter front, in which the adjustable windshield stands out. It is also possible to adjust the height of the saddle and if necessary a lower one is available in the extensive catalog of options.

When are the new Tiger 1200s coming?

The family of new Triumph adventure bikes will arrive at dealerships next spring and the price has not yet been disclosed. All will be available in Snowdonia White, the Rally also in Sapphire Black and Matt Khaki, and the GT Pro and Explorer in Sapphire Black and Lucerne Blue.


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